It’s Official!

Yesterday my Dad retired after 35 years and 8.5 months of employment with TVA. Caveman & I, along with many other co-workers, family, & friends attended his retirement party. He enjoyed a good “roast”, with many stories and a few blunders told by fellow co-workers. He will be missed and he will miss his job immensely. He also has lots to keep him busy and I am sure he will not stop “working” for many years to come. (Dad is the one on the left in the picture.)

I also wanted to share a picture of my girl, Casey! She just turned a year old in February, but we didn’t pick her up until March 25. The first 2 days we had her home she kept me up most of the night. She went from sleeping with 11 other litter mates to being all by herself. When we brought her home she only weighed 4.5 lbs, her litter mates weighed more like 6 or 7 lbs. She is still small for her breed, more like a cocker spaniel, but we love her. She is very well behaved and knows lots of commands, but overall she just has a really sweet personality.


2 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. Wow, your dad looks really young! How exciting for him to retire now. My dad retired in his late 40s b/c he worked a government job as well and was offered early retirement.

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