3 day weekends are the bomb Babe!

I know I haven’t blogged much about Hubby’s new job, because basically I don’t want to jinks him or the job or whatever. He really likes it so far and life is good. Well it just so happened that he was off last Friday and we took full advantage of it! We decided to visit Fort Boonesborough just outside of Winchester, KY and had a great visit. There were a few bus loads of school children there, but it was too crowded. Here are some pictures from our visit.

1. Lye-Soap-Bars, 2. MuskettShot-FtB-smudge, 3. Lye-Soap-Drying, 4. SodHouse-FtB, 5. Outlawed-BearTrap-FtB, 6. BlacksmithShop-FtB, 7. InsideCabin-FtB, 8. Blacksmith-FtB, 9. FtB-LeatherShop, 10. Blacksmith2-FtB, 11. Garden-FtB, 12. FrontiersMan-FtB. Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

1. Yarn4Sale-FtB, 2. Yarn2, 3. Weaving-FtB, 4. Spinning2-FtB, 5. Spinning1-FtB, 6. Sheep. Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

1. OldPoplarTree-FtB, 2. AntiqueCar-FtB, 3. WaterPump-FtB, 4. RiverLock-FtB, 5. RiverLock2-FtB, 6. RiverHouse-FtB, 7. River-FtB, 8. RiverBottomField-FtB, 9. RiverBeach-FtB, 10. OldRiverHouse-FtB, 11. JayOriginalSite-FtB, 12. FtB-Monument. Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

Then on Saturday, Hubby took me over to Sears and bought me an early birthday present!

Dyson DC 17 Animal I went straight home and cleaned our entire house!!!! Which isn’t saying much because it is only around 1300 sq ft, but I have never been so excited to clean house in all my life. LOL! This thing does a great job!!! All the reviews I read about it are totally true. We mainly have hardwood floors throughout the house and carpet in the bedrooms. This vacuum has a button you push at the top to turn on or off the rotary bar, very handy!!!

As I vacuumed the hardwood floors you could literally see the path as I moved! It was amazing! My neighbor came over while I was in the middle of cleaning the window treatments with the telescoping wand and I told her she could have a free demonstration! LOL We were both amazed at what it sucked up. I was using the wand to vacuum behind the couch and I accidentally found a sock I lost and hadn’t realized it yet, well other vacuum cleaners would have sucked the sock right down into the wand, not this one babe! It just held the sock on the end of the wand until I could pull it off. This is part of the genius of the design! I probably won’t need another vacuum again, but if I do I will purchase another Dyson!

After all that cleaning on Saturday, Sunday I took it easy and enjoyed the weekend!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “3 day weekends are the bomb Babe!

  1. LOL, I’m glad to know I wouldn’t be the only one excited to get a Dyson as a birthday present. Hey, anything that makes my life easier… 😀

  2. Ooooh…you got a Dyson! I’m so jealous! I’m hoping I get one for my birthday, but hubby doesn’t believe that I want something to “clean with” for my present. He thinks it’s some sort of trick answer. LOL

  3. You know, I’m not much of a cleaning fan, however, my older sister got me the purple/orange one two years ago and since then, I’m obsessed. It’s sorta fun to see what the Dyson can suck up. Note: while great for cat hair, not so great for the cat…

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