All-Black Two-Toned Shrug!

Here is another FO from the Fitted Knits book.
I give you the All-Black Two-Toned Shrug!

Black Shrug - FO Pattern: Two-Toned Shrug from Stephanie Japel’s book Fitted Knits.

Size: Medium – 36″.

Needles: # 8 & # 5 US Knit-Picks Options Circular 32″.

Yarn: 5 balls of Lion Brand Cashmere Blend. I bought this yarn a couple of months ago at 75% off and I could only find 5 balls in black. At 84 yards each I was worried what I would make with it. Well this shrug was the perfect solution!

Mods: I shortened the sleeves overall as well as the ribbing. Then lengthened the back by 2 inches before picking up the stitches and starting the ribbing. I don’t have the ends woven in yet, but that will happen shortly because I really want to wear this one – now! LOL!

Here area couple more shots of the side and back. I was in a hurry when I took these pics, so please excuse the crummy bathroom and messy hair shots.

Side Black Shrug

Back Black Shrug


12 thoughts on “All-Black Two-Toned Shrug!

  1. Love your shrug! And that it’s longer! I am at that stage with mine. I notice that you say you lengthened the back. I assume you just knit the back stitches longer. Did you have to make any other adjustments before picking up for the ribbing? I find the design way to short and kind of frustrating at that length so I would love any input you might have! Making mine in one colour as well.


  2. I LOVE the two tone shrug, but I can’t seem to get it right. I followed the pattern to a “T” and my stitch count came up way short. At this point, before I separate the sleeves, I should have 157 across and I have only 108. I went back to the directions and checked it out only to find that I did it exactly as
    I was instructed to. Please Help!!!

  3. Great idea for this. It’s cute for spring and summer. Where can I get the pattern? I’ve been searching for it and can only find pictures and blogs.

  4. I seem to have a little trouble with the back of this, I have started it and now I am 3/4 of the way through the back, I can see that my raglan sleeve is only working on the left hand side. the right hand side is following it in a parallel fashion! Help, I thought I was following the instructions!

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