A Book Review: Voyager

My wonderful SP Robin sent me the audio version of Voyager from the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I have been listening to this since last Friday, it seems like none stop and finally finished the book yesterday afternoon. This is a wonderful series, and while I don’t like some of the language (cursing profusely to be exact) the overall story will sweep you away into Scotland and beyond during the 1700’s. I stumbled across Outlander sometime around 2000 and read the novel over and over. I finally got a copy of the second book, Dragonfly in Amber and my progress came to a slow but steady halt. I skipped around the book and then finally straight to the back. My interest waned and I had mentioned this to Robin almost a year ago, that I loved the first book but found the second one to be a bit draggy. Well she remembered and sent me the next wonderful audiobook, Voyager narrated by Davina Porter.

Davina does a wonderful job of mastering the character’s voices, as well as having a pleasant voice to listen to herself. I wanted to get the next books in the series on audiobook too just so I could listen to Davina recount this wonderful tail, however it seems that these are only available in the UK or EU – not the US. So I went ahead and purchased the paperback books from Amazon and should receive these next week. This is somewhat inconvenient because I was free to knit as I listened, but I will find away to do both – I must! 😉

After having lived in England for just over a year and visiting Scotland twice while there, I love reading historical romance novels set in the UK. My grandmother has traced both mine and Caveman’s genealogy back to Scotland and when you are there you feel like you have come home. It’s like you finally found what you were looking for, only you didn’t even know you were looking for it. There is so much history there and it is very peaceful too.


6 thoughts on “A Book Review: Voyager

  1. Wow the UK sounds wonderful! I must visit one day!

    OOh you did have some good knitting progress going on listening to your audiobooks.

    Robin hooked me onto audible.com and I am going to try them out now! The Knitting Circle will be my 1st listen :o)

  2. I’m *so* glad you liked the book – I am taking your advice and skipping the 2nd book. Interesting too about the future books not being available – I didn’t realize that.

    My grandfather was 100% Scotch-Irish (still never figured out if that is the same as Scottish or not) and had blonde hair and blue eyes, if you could believe that by looking at me. He then proceeded to marry my grandmother, who was 100% Sicilian and totally dominated the way the subsequent generations looked!! However, although my mother is 100% Portuguese (family is from the Azores off the coast of Portugal) and my dad is 50/50 Scotch/Irish and Sicilian, I still have this very Anglo-Saxon last name of Martin! Oh well, TMI, but I thought it was interesting!

  3. I studied abroad in London and LOVED it. Unfortunately, I was not a knitter then, so I didnt take advantage of all the yarn stores. With the crappy value of the dollar today, though, I probably couldn’t afford it!

  4. Hi! I noticed you’re knitting the Rusted Root! I JUST finished mine and I LOVE IT!! You can see it on my blog. It’s such an awesome sweater and I’m sure you’ll wear yours alot like I have been so far! Great blog & wonderful knitting! I have just ordered the Lingerie Style book, and I’m looking forward to it. Are there some good patterns in it?

  5. Just checking in to see if everything’s OK as you haven’t posted for awhile! Hopefully you are either on vacation or knitting away and taking a blogging break…

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