Trick or Treat!!!

Halloween Treat

Melli over at Prevailing Insanity sent me a “Halloween Treat“!!! I had seen these once or twice while surfing my blogroll over the past week, but today I actually received one. I’m so excited!!

It all started with Hootin’ Anni, she’s been the Halloween Good Will Ambassador this month, giving out Halloween treats to the masses each day on her blog. Anni’s asking the recipients to “pay it forward”!

So… IF you have received this treat, via a comment left by me on your blog – then please save the image to your server, and then pass the treat on to friends, acquaintances, or strangers … as you see fit! Please don’t forget to let everyone know that it originated with Anni and then provide a link to her blog! Thanks!

Now who should I send my “treat” too? Maria – Mia’s Folk Art, Kati – Quilting & Knitting, & Gill – at Raveling!

I found these ladies through the Knitter’s Coffee Swap 3, but one more thing I have in common with both Maria and Kati is that they have English Springer Spaniels too!!! Enjoy your treats ladies!


3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat!!!

  1. Thanks for the Halloween treat, Monica!!!!

    Much appreciated! There is a picture of our little dog Lalo on my blog, he’s already a lot bigger. I’ll have to take another picture of him!! We have another dog, too, Maya. She is English Setter and Border Collie mix.

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