Halloween is almost here!

Halloween Greetings

There’s just two more weeks left and the little ghosts and goblins will come knocking on your door saying, “Trick or Treat!”. Are you ready?

Halloween Greetings


3 thoughts on “Halloween is almost here!

  1. Hi there!! Thanks for the comment! I am in the knitters’ coffee swap three. I have so many wine racks that I knew this one needed to hold more than just wine, because I have more magazines than bottles of wine!! Have fun with the swap. Don’t you love Halloween – I love those postcards 🙂

  2. I am almost ready. This year around, I am not giving out candy, instead I got little toys: bouncy balls and other little nicknacks. I figure it is best to give them something other than candy as everyone is giving out candy.
    I am excited about it…hope the children coming to my house like the little things I got 🙂

  3. Those Halloween cards are totally cute; I love the poem on the first one. BTW, I have been using everything in the package you sent me this week and loving it – the stitch markers (on Mirepoix) and the Citrus Green Tea (at work) PLUS the aforementioned Dove dark chocolate. You’re the best!

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