Thank goodness its Friday! Whew! I decided to only work half a day today, so I could clean my house instead! LOL so I really didn’t get out of working at all. I was hoping to get boxes and stuff that I had to bring home from the office packed up and put in some sort of order, but so far I have just gotten everything clean. It’s a start anyway. I want Caveman and I to go hiking or do something fun this weekend, so we ca take advantage of the great outdoors and this beautiful weather.

My neighbor gave me an article from the Oak Ridge Observer the other day. It seems there’s a new local meadery in town, the Shady Grove Meadery to be exact. I haven’t had Mead since I lived in England and only then once or twice.

Three employees from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory went together and created this Meadery and are distributing their creations locally. In case you didn’t know mead is made by creating wine from honey and is considered the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage. I’m not saying I’m a lush or anything, but I do enjoy a good wine every now and then, so this is definitely on the “to-do” list this weekend!



3 thoughts on “TGIF!!

  1. Oooh – the Meadery sounds fun!! We got a bottle of Mead for our wedding from a friend and I can’t seem to convince my husband to try it. It’s probably not very good now is it (it’s 3 years old)? Anyway, I hope you get there this weekend and out for some hiking too! Thanks for the blog shout out 🙂 I hope you get a Knitter’s Block for Christmas! And the Cozy V-neck is looking lovely 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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