Monday’s Musings…

R&R was in abundance this weekend! Saturday we went to a car show at the local Ford dealership. I’m really not into car shows but I enjoyed spending the time with Caveman. After that I talked hubby into going shopping! Woo Hoo! LOL Actually we were shopping for hubby, ’cause He needed a suit for my Christmas party in a month. Found one, on sale + hubby likes it = me happy! 😀 After all the shopping, we came home for some snuggle time in front of the fire!

Sunday afternoon we finally got over to the Shady Grove Meadery and enjoyed a few sips of their meads. They had probably 4 or 5 sparkling meads and then 3 traditional meads. I really liked the Sparkling Muscadine Mead, but in the end we decided to purchase two of the traditional meads, Sourwood and Poplar.




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