A day of rememberance

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Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all who have served to protect my freedoms!

Both of my grandfather’s served in World War II. My maternal grandfather served in the Army Air Corps & was stationed in Europe during most of the war. My paternal grandfather served in the US Navy as a SeaBee and was stationed in the south pacific during the last couple years of the war.

My wonderful hubby also served in the US Coast Guard during the later part of the 1st Gulf War. He was stationed in California, but he traveled up and down the pacific coast a lot. He enlisted again in August of 2001 in the US Navy Reserves as a SeaBee, before the 9/11 attacks. Thankfully he never had to go to Iraq, although he desperately wanted to.

These men served to protect our country and our freedom. Thankfully they came home alive, however there were many soldiers who didn’t. Last December I was able to visit Arlington National Cemetery for the first time. It is such a huge place and as I walked through the streets in the late afternoon cold, I reflected on all those who had fought and died for my freedoms. If you haven’t already, please thank a veteran today!

Arlington National Cemetery


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