Pay it forward…

I think it’s pretty obvious from my site and a few of my posts that I’m a Christian, at least I hope so. 😉 Anyway of the past couple of years (as again I’m sure most of you know already) there has been a movement to remove any words that would imply that Christmas is a Christian holiday, in which we celebrate Christ’s birth. It seems every year more and more retailers and other organizations try to replace traditional Christmas phrases with more generic, non-Christian ones. While I do not like this movement and have even boycotted some retailers. I’ve been amazed as other retailers have embraced our more traditional Christmas phases and made some really powerful television commercials this Christmas season.

Of these, my favorite commercial has to be the Aviator from JCPenney’s. If you haven’t seen it then click on the link. This is what I remember the spirit of Christmas being like when I was a child. The commercial touched my heart so much that I decided to email Penney’s and thank them for continuing to say “Merry Christmas” in all of their publications. Well they wrote me back. I never really expected to get a response, but here it is…

It was very thoughtful of you to write and tell us how much you like and enjoy our commercials. I have shared your letter with others in our division. It is always nice to hear from our satisfied customers. Our goal will continue to be to serve the public as nearly as we can to its complete satisfaction. At JCPenney customers really are our “Number One Priority”.

Thank you for taking the time to write. You are a valued JCPenney customer and we appreciate your patronage.”

Maybe there is a retailer or company you think has gone above and beyond. Thank them, they really do appreciate it.


6 thoughts on “Pay it forward…

  1. I enjoyed your post. I think this is a very interesting subject as some people get made when it’s taken away and some get mad because shopping shouldn’t reflect the meaning of Christmas. You just can’t win I guess. I am not really sure fighting it works as I don’t think people come to know the Lord via a retailer. I’ve been in retail a long time, and I think a retailer rarely does anything that isn’t going to be about the bottom line.

    Thanks so much for your post. I enjoyed reading and thinking about it. Thanks for letting me share.

    Many Blessings,

    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

  2. I also enjoyed your post. I agree with you. I am so sad to see the “Christmas” being taking out of Christmas. It is a Christian holiday and trying to change that is wrong in my opinion. Good for you for stepping up and talking about it. I think it is great you wrote JCPenny’s. They obviously appreciate your letter.

  3. Saw your link on Ravelry and followed it to your blog. Great post. Now if we can just get the retailers to provide modest clothing for our daughters…

    Happy knitting!

    Denelle in M’boro, TN

  4. How very thoughtful of you to write to Penney’s and tell them your thoughts! And how amazing that they wrote back! Isn’t it a wonder, in this day and age, when a company goes above and beyond for you, the customer? It never ceases to amaze me and makes me feel optimistic about mankind 🙂

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