Foiled Again!

OK, so the bags were all packed, the dogs had someone coming to feed them, the house was secured and we made it to the airport over an hour early. We see the plane come in to the terminal 30 mins before takeoff, and then the ticket clerk announces there is a mechanical problem. Said problem will hopefully only take a short time to fix, but really it could be all day. An hour after our flight was originally scheduled to take off we are still waiting to board – ie our flight was canceled due to mechanical problems. I really don’t like the idea of getting on a plane that they have had to spend hours working on – do you? Not the warm fuzzy I’m looking for either.

Now from the time we got up this morning Caveman was saying that he didn’t feel good and he thought he might have strep throat – well turns out he does. So in the end it was a good thing the flight was canceled due to mechanical problems because I just don’t think Caveman would have made it. He was so pale all morning and finally he said he thought he might pass out. He has before and I wasn’t taking any chances by getting him on a plane. We are back home now (I guess you gathered that…my posting and all) and Caveman is sleeping after taking a huge dose of antibiotics.

So instead of party pictures showcasing Guinevere and Caveman in his new suit, I’ll leave you with some photos of my beautiful Christmas Cactus to brighten your day. I took these yesterday morning when there was lots of sunshine streaming through the windows. Today rainy and cold, perfect weather for curling up with a cuppa and some knitting! 😉

Christmas Cactus '07

Christmas Cactus '07

Oh and Caveman has promised to take pictures of a modeled Guinevere sometime this weekend. Maybe Sunday, it’s supposed to be around 70 degrees that day.


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