It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Wishing you a Merry Christmas
Although it doesn’t look too much like Christmas around our house, there has been mad Christmas knitting going on. I am to the second row of skulls on Caveman’s hat, so I thought I would try it on him last night to see if my redesign would work… um not so much. I’ll switch back to the original pattern for the decrease area at the top of his head. Somehow this hat keeps turning out huge no matter what I do!

Other secret knitting is coming along and the projects are coming to an end, but somehow I think I can add more Christmas gift projects and actually get them done before Christmas. I think I do this with everything – work, knitting, school work, home improvements, etc. I over-estimate my abilities to complete a project in an under-estimated amount of time! I’m working on this one, really.

On the under decorating for Christmas this year…well we originally thought we would get a tree from a local tree farm and decorate the house this past weekend. But on the alloted day I was too sick and it was raining. Then I thought about putting out some decorations even though we were going to have a tree this year, but I just haven’t had the energy to get up in the attic and drag everything out. We won’t be here for Christmas or Christmas Eve anyway, so it’s really no biggy.

Christ's Birth
We are trying to stay focused on the reason for the season instead of all the commercialism.


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