Holidays = stress!

I finished up everything for work today, so now I can focus on preparing for the holidays. Or in other words it’s crunch time on finishing the knitted gifts. Maybe I would get these done except I keep adding more to my list! I decided to make my Grandparents a neck-warmer that they could button instead of trying to keep up with a scarf. I searched for some patterns on Ravelry and came up with a couple I liked. This one is my favorite and I’m making it in some brown wool for my grandpa. I haven’t even started it yet – hehe! I really liked Cherry Garcia from Hello Yarn, but I didn’t want my grandma to have to put it over her head. So I modified the pattern for buttons and I switched up the cables with some of my own creations. I just have one more repeat before this one is complete.

Yellow Garcia Neck Warmer

Earlier this week I realized I didn’t have any buttons for said neck-warmers, so Caveman & I went on a pilgrimage to the big city this afternoon for buttons…and some other things of course. 😉 Boy were we dumb for doing that! After sitting in crazy traffic for an hour or two we finally made it to Joann’s where I found these beauties!

Brown Swirly Buttons These are for the Yellow Garcia

& these are for the Brown Chevron.

Horn Buttons

How are the other Christmas WIPs coming you might ask? Well just swimmingly of course! I finished off the bottom of Rusted Root. Now I just need to fix the neckline, then wash, block and gift wrap. My Knit Picks order arrived yesterday – yippee! So now I can finally finish off the Pirate hats. I guess I better get moving!

On a side note regarding the Knit Picks order: I bought some Shadow in the color Redwood Forest Heather (it’s on sale) – this is a beautiful chocolate brown with some burgundy red too. I also got some of the Alpaca Cloud (also on sale) in Sunlight Heather and as I was hoping it’s more of a creamy white color. I will try to photograph these in the sunlight soon so you can really see the colors.

On another important note: With the holidays and the unstable housing interest rates please be aware of scams and thieves calling your homes this holiday season. Yesterday we got a call on our home phone. We usually let the answering machine get the calls to our house, but sometimes if we are home we will answer. We mostly take calls on our cell phones though, anyway – Caveman answered and the woman on the other end told him that she was from our mortgage company and they were calling select customers to see if we qualified to refinance our loan. She then told him that the night before the government had given the mortgage companies some money to help boost the rates or something to that effect. Then she said she was going to start recording the call and she was going to transfer him to someone else. At that point she wanted him to verify some of our information while the call was being recorded. This is when hubby promptly hung up!

He turned around and told me about the call and while we were discussing what the woman had said, it hit the both of us that the call was actually a scam! I told him to call our mortgage company’s customer service and alert them to the scam. We don’t have caller ID so we didn’t have a phone number for the scammers. Customer service said there isn’t much they can do if we didn’t get a phone number. Next time we’ll ask for a phone number in case we get cut off – HA! There are some very mean people out there just waiting to take advantage of others! 😦 I just wanted everyone else to be aware of this potential scam and to have a safe and happy holiday.

Now on to the knitting…


6 thoughts on “Holidays = stress!

  1. I love JHB buttons…mmmh need to make it to Joann’s Haha! :o)

    The 1st set will look fab on your Cherry Garcia! Can’t wait to see it modeled!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Love all your projects. I was looking on ravelry and saw several projects in common so I HAD to check them out on your blog. I had to laugh since the pirate hat I made was too large too! I did two rows of skulls and fluffed my way to the end. Overall cute, but I wish I had seen your redo before I finished mine! Loved your SotS too! Nice work! Happy Holidays. Good luck getting all your projects completed!

  3. Love the Chevron neckwarmer – thanks for sharing that one! I hope your knits are doing well! I’m having the same problem myself this year of adding too many to the list! Eeeek!

    Sooooo glad you didn’t get taken in by that scam! Isn’t it terrible when people do that to others?

  4. All your Christmas knitting looks great.

    Because I’m chronologically “old”, I get a number of callers asking for personal information over the course of a year. I assume they equate getting on in years with being an idiot. I usually respond cheerfully saying, “What a great deal. Can I discuss this with my husband and call you back?” As soon as I ask for the phone number, the person hangs up–so even if Caveman asked, he probably wouldn’t have gotten any info. I think that no matter what time of year it is, there are people who try to take advantage of vulnerabilities, and the “rule” is simply not to give personal information on the phone unless you make the call to, say, your bank, credit card company, etc.

    Have a great holiday.

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