2007 – a year in review

While 2006 was the year I learned to knit, 2007 was the year I learned to make sweaters. Let’s recap, shall we?

Red Sweater

January 2007 – After only knitting for six months, with little knowledge of yarns, gauge, fit, etc, I decide to make myself a sweater. I learn of the Sexy Knitters Club and I am determined to make one of the sweaters the are knitting. I start with Eiffel. That was probably my first mistake, looking back starting out on a top-down sweater would have been the way to go. Second mistake was substituting a yarn when I knew nothing about gauge, fiber content or yardage calculation, but by February I had a beautiful new sweater with modified 3/4 length sleeves. I wore it throughout the Spring but I was never crazy about the fit so off to the frog pond it went. 😦


February 2007 – I start Wicked, but I don’t have the correct size needles. So I wait….

March 2007 – I’m not too discouraged by the flop of Eiffel and I’m excited about Wicked, so I start another top-down construction: Stephanie Japel’s – Bad Penny. I finish this one in record time and love it!

Bad Penny

April 2007 – I’ve finally got my needles, yarn, pattern, and knitting mojo so I finish Wicked. But wait just a minute, after all that waiting I realize that I continued using a size 6 needle until I separate for the sleeves. So instead of frogging like any sane person would do, I continue on but add bust darts to compensate. I look at a few other sweaters with bust darts and I wing it – amazingly it turned out pretty good. πŸ˜‰


May 2007 – Stephanie Japel’s book, Fitted Knits is here and I start making the Periwinkle Turtleneck Tube Vest. This one is completed in a couple of weeks. I really like the design only again I am substituting yarn and in the end I don’t like my yarn choice. Much pilling and fuzzing commence and the sweater is worn less and less in the coming months.


Before the month is over I’ve completed a second sweater. Again I like the design, but my yarn choice sucks!

Tank Top

June 2007 – slips by with no FOs (this will become the trend of the latter half of 2007).

July 2007 – I complete the Two Tone Shrug. I love this shrug! It is so soft, made with Lion Brand Cashmere blend I got on sale. It is so warm and comforting – love it!

Two-Tone Shrug

August 2007 – I have started a number of projects but none see completion this month.

Rusted Root undergoes major surgery on the lace section, only to determine that I really don’t like the fit at all. This one goes into time out.

Puff Sleeve Cardigan gets picked up and progress is made on this one.

Cable Collar Tank is started but the seaming really slows me down.

September 2007 – Cable Collar Tank is complete and I’m happy with the results, but the finishing is kicking my butt! I still need to get a photo of it on me, but that’ll have to wait until warmer weather.

Cable Collar Tank

October 2007 – Despite my job pulling me in every direction I am able to finish the Puff Sleeve Cardigan. It undergoes major surgery on the edges to include the button band instead of picking up stitched and knitting the button band separately. This sweater still needs a proper modeled photo too.

Puff Sleeve Cardigan

November – December 2007 – focused on Christmas gifts and lace stoles.

Christmas Gifts
1. 2ndPirates-just finished, 2. Side Yellow Garcia, 3. Rusted_Root, 4. Side-1stPirates

You will see that Rusted Root was brought back to life and gifted to my Mother-in-law. I’m really glad she likes it and it fits her perfectly.

Secret of the Stole

I’ve learned a lot about what yarns will work best for an item, blocking, fit and construction, but I still have a long way to go. I want to learn and understand more about gauge, re-designing/designing my knits, as well as perfect my seaming techniques. There are a few WIPs left over from 2007, but I hope to have at least one more sweater completed before 2007 is over. LOL

Up next a KnitLit’s Best of 2007 Meme – stay tuned!


20 thoughts on “2007 – a year in review

  1. Looks like you’re the ultimate overachiever! I LOVE it!

    I’m currently trying to finish a pair of socks for myself that I might actually like, then I’m going to start tackling the scary dreaded first sweater. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Looks like you’re the ultimate overachiever! I LOVE it!

    I’m currently trying to finish a pair of socks for myself that I might actually like, then I’m going to start tackling the scary dreaded first sweater. Thanks for the inspiration!

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