Weekend, what weekend?!

This week has been super busy both at work and with the knitting. I’m working on a deadline at work (big shocker there) and my computer doesn’t want to cooperate. So on Thursday during the short time the computer was working, I turned the heel on my class sock! See?

1st Turned Heel

Then on Thursday night I got to this point on the class sock…

End point of the Class Sock

and decided that I had the basics down. So I put this one down and jumped right into the Garter-Rib Socks for Caveman. Here’s a progress shot:

Beginning of Garter-Rib Socks

I knit for 11 rows in basic K2, P2 ribbing on size 1 needles at gauge, then switched over to the size 3 needles in the Garter-Rib pattern. These are really stretchy so I hope that they will be a perfect fit for Caveman once I am done. The main color is gray, but the heel and toes will have a different color. I am working these with one pair of Knit Picks size 3 and an all metal size 3 circular needle. I can’t wait to get another size 3 Knit Picks needle. The cord is very flexible and I can knit so much faster, but the metal one is super slow and really pulls at the joins. I have considered using two dpns with the one KnitPicks needle until I can get another one. Any thoughts or suggestions, past experiences?

Enough sock knitting for now though I’m going to knit on my Cozy V-neck. I’ve only got a couple more inches on the first sleeve before I can start on the second one. Happy Knitting!


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