First official snow fall…

And its already gone! LOL I know for most of you the snow is old news, but for those of us here in East TN its all brand new. The salt trucks come out in droves and dump, well their weight in salt on all the roads. LOL So when driving around in what you think is slush, it’s really only salt and water – not snow. I’m not going anywhere today to avoid the salty slush (that’s already melted) and instead I’m taking conference calls, knitting and listening to the DVD burner whirl! So exciting!!

Anyway this is what the dawn revealed…
First snowfall of 08

Then I looked up the hill to see this…
Hungry dogs
can you see them up there? There’s two hungry dogs in amongst the white and brown landscape. So I took them their breakfast and they were much happier.

Happy Hungry Dogs
Then it was play-time! Every morning after they eat, one will grab the Frisbee and beg for me to throw it. We repeat this game every afternoon too! LOL We had a few trees cut last, er two springs ago and we have lots of stumps for the billy goats, er dogs to climb on. Here’s Casey on the biggest one.

Casey the Lion-heart
Can you see Charlie on the right? I was having trouble spotting the dogs and I was right next to them!



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