Happy Leap Year Day!!

I know I almost missed it, but not quite. 😀
It was inevitable, Caveman has come down with… a virus! Agh! I sure hope I’m not next on the virus’ list. Anyway he’s feeling better now. Here’s to rest and feeding a virus! LOL

I desperately need a pair of these, but I can’t decide on a color – they’re all so cute! Any suggestions?? Please?

Spring Fling Coffee Swap Sign ups open on March 20th. I really want to participate in this swap. I haven’t participated in a swap in awhile. They are always so much fun and who can resist coffee & yarn? Come on???

I will have an update in the Etsy shop, probably Monday morning. If you liked the preview yesterday, then you are so going to love the finished markers. Inspiration did strike on a few more sets so there are lots to go around. Stay tuned. Oh & have a great weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “Happy Leap Year Day!!

  1. Holy cow! How do you even begin to choose a color! There are 4 freakin’ pages and I want them all! LOL Okay, I guess the “Chocolate” ones on the first page really caught my eye first. If I have to pick just *one* pair. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the finished markers!

  2. it is so hard to choose a pair! the pink and green party dots are cute, as are the orange floral. thanks for sharing that swap- it looks like a good one, so i might have to join!

  3. Those boots are awesome!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Did you pick one yet?

    Oh wow. I’m so sorry to hear that Caveman had a virus last weekend 😦 I guess we joined him in his misery! Hope he’s feeling much better now and that it didn’t get you in its sights!

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