Photo Mosaics

So the other day BubbleKnits over at Alabama Fiber Dreams asked how the yard was coming. I was all set on Monday to answer her, when it happened again…the water backed up into the house and overflowed into the deserted master bedroom. (Jessi, I’m not blaming you at all, I’m just saying… you asked…LOL! 😛 ) I do have some photos of the yard and other stuff, which I condensed into mosaics so this post wouldn’t be too picture heavy. I will spare those of you who’d rather not hear about it and move on with pictures. However, if you’re the curious type and want to hear about it go to the bottom of this post.*

Anyway, Jessi’s question: How’s the field line problems? Is the French drain finished?

Yard - Before & After

Both are finished and are working like a dream! You would not believe the difference the French drain has made (top pictures). (First pic, finished French drain under the rocks & an earthen berm below the rocks. Second pic; long before the French Drain, we had to put down cross-ties along the property line due to horrible neighbors.)

We never realized the volume of water that ran into our yard due to the run off of the other properties above us. The areas that used to flood on the other end of the yard, do not now. Needless to say this has helped the field lines dry up and work properly! The new section is in bottom pictures – first pic; finished, last pic; what’s under the dirt!

Here are some pics of the Tulip Poplar blossoms that are littering my yard these days, the Camo baby burp cloth and a soon to be Blue/Green baby bib.

Flowers & Baby Knits

The Camo Burp Cloth started out with intentions of being a bib, but I cast-on too many stitches. Then I decided not to frog but use the whole ball for a burp cloth instead. I finally cast-on the correct amount of stitches for the blue/green bib and hope to get two out of this ball. That’s all for now unless you’re reading on…

*Curiosity is tough to live with, no? So I guess you’re here for the rest of the story…

And if your wondering, esp since this post is titled Photo Mosaics, no I didn’t get any pictures of the latest disaster! It’s just too stressful when trying to suck up puddles of Drano water on your Master Bedroom floor to think about pictures (although I did think of it! hehe). Anyway we got the water up from the bedroom/bathroom – thankfully we recently purchased a nice 20 gal wet/dry shop vac! The bedroom only had a little water on the surface, but as you can imagine the bathroom flooring is shot and its a mess in there. After the initial cleanup we sealed it off and aren’t going to deal with it again until it’s completely dry! Also, we are thankful that bathroom has a window and it’s sunny and the wind is blowing on that end of the house!! Oh, you might be wondering why this happened? Well, we first thought the pipes somewhere under the house were stopped up and we needed a plumber. But later we realized that wasn’t the problem. Instead the problems was actually where the house pipes meet the septic tank that was getting stopped up. So yesterday Caveman came home early and long story short, minus the gory details, he fixed it.

OK, show of hands how many of you scrolled to the bottom for a continuation of the story before reading the whole post? Yep, I thought so!

Hope everyone has a great week!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Photo Mosaics

  1. Remind me to knock on some wood the next time! LOL I’m so sorry it happened again. That’s just more than anybody should have to deal with in one time frame.

  2. Gosh, I’m *so* sorry Monica, that you’re having to deal with that all over again!! I really really hope that it gets all sorted out soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good thing you’ve got such a cute handyman around though 😉

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