Monday – Imperfectly Beautiful


So if you haven’t found the Nester yet, then you are truly missing out! She is the creator of the Window Mistreatments (I’ll be implementing those after the remodel!) and today she’s started a another new trend – It doesn’t have to be perfect to be Beautiful! So in the spirit of keepin’ it real I present a mosaic of my living/dining/kitchen rooms.

My living spaces

The bookcase is crammed full of books from our flight out of the Master Bedroom, in the next two pictures there is junk everywhere. The kitchen picture highlights the stuff on my kitchen counters (I’m in the process of changing from my super cool knitting bag/purse to a more manageable summer purse), in the dining room there are pants hanging on the chair (mine) and a light jacket I keep handy for breakfast with the dogs, plus papers all over the dining room table.Β  So there you have it, my crazy keepin’ it real life! It’s not perfect but we like it! πŸ˜‰


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