An award…

Look at the great award I received this morning!! Cheryl, my Knitted Purse Swap II spoilee, bestowed this wonderful award on me. Thanks Cheryl!! I designed the Felted Tote Bag for her, so she’s really the inspiration for the colors.

The rules are

1: Post the award on your blog.
2: Add a link to the person who award you.
3: Nominate at least 4 others.
4: Leave a comment on their blog so they can pass it on.

People to nominate…this one is always tough, but here goes!

1. Robin of Yarn Crawl! I love reading her blog and seeing all her adventures in sewing and knitting. She’s definitely an inspiration and she really likes my stitchmarkers! LOL!!

2. Stacey of Crimson Purl! Stacey and I have been trying to complete our Back-to-School vests from Stephanie Japel’s book, Fitted Knits for almost a year! We gotta get busy girl! She has really taken the Knit Fearlessly motto to hear this year and completed some gorgeous projects!! I loved her Hemlock Ring Blanket, Indigo Ripples Skirt, and Oh the list is just too long to name them all!

3. Jessi of Alabama Fiber Dreams! Jessi’s spinning is gorgeous and she definitely inspires me to try my hand at spinning someday. She also has some great stitchmarkers and yarns over in her Etsy shop and hosts Whiskers on Wednesday!

4. Maryanne of Knittymuggins! She and R. Darling take some really amazing kayaking trips and awesome vacations to Las Vegas! LOL! She’s been making some pretty cute baby items this year, kinda makes you wonder, huh? She just got a new sewing machine and made the cutest pin cushion so I’m sure we’ll see lots more sewing adventures in the future!

There are loads more blogs that I read and they are all wonderful! I have learned so many interesting things about the different cultures, personality types/quirks, knitting and sewing tips, etc. I have also met so many great people here in blogland. Please check out any of them over in the sidebar, they really are great!!


5 thoughts on “An award…

  1. Oh wow – thank you *so* much for the award Monica!! I am completely and totally amazed and honored! You totally made my day (wait, my year!) 🙂 I’ll post about it soon…. Thank you again, so so much!

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