Long overdue (photo heavy) post…

The first order of business, I didn’t get the job. We were disappointed at first, esp when we found out it was due to nepotism, but now we are OK and looking forward to what the future holds.

Well I finally got the buttons I ordered and they don’t go with the jacket! So I suppose I’ll have to go shopping soon, I know but someone has to do it, LOL!

Our Weekend went something like this…

Friday evening Caveman & I went fishing again and this time I was there to take photos of some of his catch!

1. Release2ndFish, 2. Jays3rdFish Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

Then as we were leaving I snapped this photo. I absolutely love my new lens. It has made a world of difference in my photos!

Saturday…we attended Caveman’s 20th High School Reunion. We had a blast! The only thing we wish we would’ve done differently was to have gotten a room at a nearby hotel. We only live an hour away and the in-laws live up there too, but we didn’t want to inconvenience them so we drove on home. This morning we were both feeling the after affects of partying too much, me especially. (I may have sampled a small amount of “Bubba’s” hooch! LOL)

Here we are before the hooch! LOL (We were a bit over dressed) And below is the group photo.

Caveman didn’t recognize some of the people and then others hadn’t changed a bit, as is typical at these functions. It was fun to watch all the different reactions and personalities come together after 20 years. They had a really nice slide show of the class from grade school through high school and beyond. Much reminiscing ensued shortly thereafter. πŸ˜€ They had a small, minimally publicized 10 year reunion, that Caveman didn’t even know happened until a couple of years ago. Now they are planning another one in 5 years with a Hawaiian theme – it ought to be fun. These guys know how to party! More pics can be found on Flickr.

I gained a new perspective on reunions and people/cultures from different geographic locations. Now I truly understand how Caveman felt at mine a few years ago, LOL. πŸ˜‰

Sunday…we spent quietly at home, recovering from Saturday nights festivities! πŸ˜€

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!


7 thoughts on “Long overdue (photo heavy) post…

  1. There are some jobs I didn’t get, and after a time I realized it wouldn’t have worked out the way I hoped–or I got called back some time later for a slightly different (and better) position.

    Buttons are one thing that I do like to buy in person. I have no problems with buying yarn on line, but the size and look of buttons is more difficult to gauge. Plus, button buying is always an excuse for me to go to NYC.

  2. Just had my 10 year reunion Saturday night and I’m still feeling the effects Monday morning! With 2 small children at home we are not used to a night ending at 2 am! I think I will be sleep deprived for weeks πŸ™‚

  3. I’m sure a perfect job will come along soon. Missing the 10 yr reunion was interesting to me because I was never told when mine was. Not that I would’ve gone but it would still have been nice to have been told about it…

  4. Nooooo @ nepotism! Who are you related to that works there??

    Stay encouraged and know that you don’t want to be anywhere that God is not there!!

    Glad you had a great weekend though! Looks like a blast! :o)

  5. Sorry to hear about not getting the job, especially for such a stupid reason – but I do think there is usually a reason behind things like this, and that there’s an even better job in store for you. Fun reunion pics!

  6. I’m *so* sorry that you didn’t get the job 😦 But I agree with Robin – things happen for a reason and I’m sure this means that there’s something better out there for you! I know that nepotism is a stupid reason not to get the job, but at least this means it’s not a reflection on your talents at all πŸ™‚ Don’t give up hope!

    Glad that you were able to get out and have a good weekend though! Looks like lots of fun! R is trying to get me to agree to go to our 20th in a few years but I keep sayin no way πŸ˜‰

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