2008 Knits

1. RedScarfett3sm, 2. CavemansCableSocks, 3. FrontSideNJ, 4. CozyCowl, 5. CamoCowl5, 6. SalsaSizzle, 7. Sizzle_FO, 8. PeaSoupBib-washcloth, 9. GoVols_Bib, 10. StripesCardi, 11. BackStripes, 12. 2ndBlueBoyBib, 13. Boy-BlueGreenBib, 14. CamoBurpCloth, 15. BlueberryHat, 16. Navy_socks2, 17. Republic-hat, 18. Cozy_V_Back
Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

Its been a good year. I’ve finished 17 projects in all. Knitting has been one of the constants in my life while most everything else has changed.  I did Knit Fearlessly in 2008 as Sandy, from Knitting Daily challenged us. I hope to continue being a Fearless Knitter in 2009.

Bubbleknits at Alabama Fiber Dreams says it all in today’s post, 2009 should be about Thanksgiving for every single blessing we receive. I’ll toast to that!

Happy New Years Everyone!


6 thoughts on “2008 Knits

  1. Your back!! We need to catch up by phone and talk about what’s been going on the last few months! Nobody tells me anything, so I had no idea you went back home. I think of ya’ll all the time! Expect a phone call soon!

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