Happy Spring!!

Where has the time gone? Has it really been 3 weeks since my last post? What have we been up to you ask, well we’ve been battling colds over here, but I think we’ve finally pulled through. 🙂 I’ve also been sewing a couple of baby quilts together on my sewing machine. Those will be revealed at a later date. I’m keeping them as a surprise because I think I want my cousin to choose which one she likes best for her baby gift. I also made some blocks so I guess we could show a photo of those.

Caveman & I hit JoAnn’s Fabrics last weekend for some fabric to make a few maternity tops and dresses. I haven’t been able to find any dresses in spring colors that I can wear to my brother’s wedding, so I’m going to make my dress (1st photo). Caveman was so helpful, carrying fabrics around so I didn’t have too and helping the store attendants while they cut the fabric out. One of the ladies commented and asked if he was always this helpful? I laughed and told her that yes he is always very helpful & so sweet. He also really helped with the fabric choices too.

I have been knitting, although very little. I’m still working on the second bib and trying to finish up a sock for Caveman. I saw the new Spring Knitty the other day and now I want to make Decimal in the yarn below from my stash. I previously used this to make Eiffel, my first sweater and also another Knitty pattern, but the yarn just wasn’t suited for the top. From the looks of Decimal, this yarn will work perfectly – plus this yarn is the exact gauge as in the pattern!! I think this will be a great cardi for spring and summer.

I’m not sure if any of you follow the Nester, over at her blog the Nesting Place, but I really love her style of decorating. Anyway she turned me on to Barn Stars about a year ago. Ever since I have been searching for a larger, reasonably priced Barn Star – most run $40 + dollars but I just didn’t want to spend that much. Well a couple of weeks ago I was shopping at one of our local stores and found a 24″ Barn Star for $7.88!!! I couldn’t believe it, especially when right next door @ Big Lots they were selling 12″ Barn Stars for $10. I probably should go back and buy a second, but I didn’t want to get too greedy! There were only three available. 😉

When I purchased my Barn Star I just knew it was going in the living room, but when I go home it didn’t look right anywhere except over our bed! So that’s where Caveman hung it.

I’m off to finish the baby quilts this morning and get started on a few baby knits. Happy Knitting!!


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