I need a vacation…

From my super great, spur-of-the-moment, fantastic vacation!! I want to go back sooooooo badly!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to Caveman that we needed a vacation. He agreed, but we both thought it wasn’t going to happen this year. Well that small idea turned into a search for last minute hotel deals and then we were off to Hilton Head Island, SC. Neither of us had ever been there and we were so excited to finally get a real vacation together.

You see, we never took the traditional honeymoon when we got married, but a year later we did take a weekend trip to Chattanooga, TN. That was fun and we got to see all the sights of Chattanooga, but we never really took a vacation after that. So I am really glad that we took our babymoon before the little tike gets here.

We stayed at the Beachwalk Hotel, which is two or three blocks from the beach. Needless to say we walked everywhere, although bicycles seem to be the most popular mode of transportation. On the walk to the beach there were plenty of restaurants and shops to visit too.

We tried to cram as much as we could into the first day (Thursday), even though we arrived at 5:00pm in the evening. After dinner we walked on the beach, then returned to the hotel for a change of clothes (I soaked my pants despite them being rolled up) then we headed over to the lighthouse near dusk.

Took some great photos there and toured more shops before finally making our way back to the hotel. What would a trip be though without getting lost? Thank goodness there aren’t many roads to get lost on, but we still managed it and wound up at the Salty Dog Cafe.

We stopped long enough for a quick photo op and then found our way back to the hotel. Not being satisfied we had seen enough of the ocean, we headed back for a moonlit walk in the ocean.

Friday and Saturday consisted of more non-stop vacation action, although we did see an alligator up close and personal. He was sunning himself next to the road.

Sunday morning after breakfast we headed home. 😦 You can see all our photos here. Caveman took some really great photos of me and I even incorporated the photos we took using his phone.

I am, well alright, we are both wore out from walking so much, but feel great. This Sunday marked 17 weeks and another growth spurt from both baby and me. I wore my “regular” clothes while on vacation, but now that I’m home, I definitely need to wear the maternity pants at least. I will get back to my sewing routine tomorrow.

I was really sorry we missed going to church on Easter Sunday, but all in all we had a wonderful trip. Now it’s back to the mountain of laundry staring me down. Oh, I almost forgot… Yes I took my knitting, but No I didn’t work on any of it. LOL, the ride through the mountains really made me car sick, so I wasn’t able to work on anything.

I’ll leave you with one last look… ah


4 thoughts on “I need a vacation…

  1. What a FANTASTIC Babymoon vacay!!!! 🙂 You both so deserved it!!

    And you can’t even worry about not being at church on Resurrection Sunday as YOU and hubby truly know the meaning and can honor it in anyway!

    Of course you had to at least carry/pack your knitting! Glad you didn’t knit a stitch!!! ;op

  2. i wish i’d known you were going ahead of time, i could have recommended this great thai place. so glad you had a nice visit. it’s always relaxing at HHI. we like to go there too, as it’s not a terribly long/far drive.

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