Mid-April Update…

Thank You all for the comments on our great vacation. We wish we could go back, but I start a new job next Monday! It will only last a few months, but I’m happy to have the opportunity and some extra baby money. That is the main reason the blog has been so quiet lately, I have been sewing my heart out – at least 6 hours average every day, 5 days a week. In addition to the top and dress I blogged about earlier, I have completed 4 more tops and one pair of shorts. Before the week is out I intend to have two more pair of capris, two pair of shorts, and a couple more tops or a dress. Almost done with the capris and shorts as of this morning.

I have almost outgrown the dress I showed you, so before I use that pattern again, I will add a few more inches to the sides. I also wore my black & white knit top today so I had Caveman take a photo of me. What do you think?

In baby-growing news, we had a OB appointment last Friday. I am currently 18 weeks and have only gained 10 lbs so far, doc says that’s really good. We listened to the baby on the Doppler monitor again. Cavebaby was kicking and thrashing around so much that I could hardly stop laughing to let the nurse get a heartbeat. She found cavebaby immediately, but the little rascal moved away from her. Then cavebaby came up to the monitor and she could get an accurate reading. The nurse was pretty impressed cavebaby came to the monitor, she says most babies hide.

Please ignore the windswept hair and expression!

Please ignore the windswept hair and expression!

I have been feeling cavebaby move since just before the 16th week (end of March). He/she already likes certain kinds of music & will kick wildly, it is really funny. We go back on April 30th for an ultrasound. We will learn the sex and get to see cavebaby too. I went prepared with DVDs and CDs at the last visit, but they said we had to wait. 😦

Not much in knitting news. I’ve been sewing so much that I can only get in a few rows here and there. Hopefully I will have more to show soon though. Gotta get back to sewing now. For all of you going to Stitches South, and the rest of you too, have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Mid-April Update…

  1. WOW, I can’t wait to see more of your sewing! Glad your pregnancy is going well. The ultrasound is VERY cool – it’s amazing all the stuff you can see.

  2. I’m very proud of your sewing skills. Can’t wait to know if I’m getting a grandson or granddaughter. I’m thrilled with either one. You better let me know asap when you find out!
    Love you very much sweetie.

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