34 wks and counting

Ok, I’ve officially changed the title of this post 4 times! Ugh! The blog has been too quiet lately and I really have tried to post. Let’s see, on 7/23 I was going to play along with Robin and Debbie  and take the Personality meme I saw on their blogs, but I couldn’t come up with anything. Although I did discover, after reading Debbie’s responses, that she and I are very much alike.

Then on 8/7 I was going to tell you all about being 33 weeks along. Not much news there, just a little swelling and some Yoga to cure it. I’m at the end of 34 weeks now and I have really enjoyed being preggers, even with all the little discomforts one would expect to experience. As the end draws near, I have found myself reflecting on being pregnant and how I’ve enjoyed feeling the little very distinct kicks and flutters movements every few hours. The past couple of weeks I have definitely felt little feet using my rib cage as a springboard! LOL 😉

I’ve been working so much lately I haven’t had time for much, but somehow I’ve managed to get some sewing and a little knitting done. Let’s see, the nursery set is almost complete. I know, I know I’ve been saying that for weeks now! Here’s a photo of the furniture collection we bought. After a few years (or sooner) the star drawer pulls will be removed and replaced with something nicer. The wood is birch and it all matches, unlike the photos below. I would say it is a cross between an oak and cherry finish.

Every night last week, I was able to make good headway on the crib bumper and all I need to do now is assemble the crib skirt. Caveman picked up the sample embroidery peice and it looks amazing! 

This will go in the center of the quilt, which will hopefully get embroidered this weekend and then I can assemble it next week. After that my next sewing project will be the Everything diaper bag from Amy Butler’s book, Little Stitches.  

In knitting news, I have finished cousin baby Nora’s cardigan (photos soon) and just in time too. She was born yesterday, August 13 in the wee hours of the morning. Mom and baby are both doing fine and will be home soon. I’ve also cast-on for the eyelet cap from the latest Vogue Knitting magazine for my Mom. It is bigger than my hand, so for a weeks work I’m making really good progress.

Speaking of my Mom, she’s is throwing us a baby shower brunch this Saturday morning. We are really excited and can’t wait to see everyone there. I promise to be back later this weekend with photos of me in the past few weeks (that have never made it on here), the baby shower and of course the baby’s room!

Have a great weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “34 wks and counting

  1. Oh Ruby! I love the furniture and I can’t wait to see pictures of everything you’ve made and of Cavebaby!!!! I love love LOVE that you are making your maternity clothes and everything! Hope your baby shower was a blast!

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