Whiskers Wednesday

Since I have no cat of my own, but this image was too funny not to pass on, I thought I would participate in this weeks Whiskers on Wednesday. I have no idea who’s cat this is or if the image has been doctored, I got it in an email last week and to share.

I’ve been working on a more substantially post, but again time just keeps getting away from me. Cavebaby’s quilt is almost complete – just need to finish sewing the binding, Cavebaby’s room is almost complete – there are clothes in the drawers!!, and the birthing class has been completed. So we should be, well almost, maybe – who am I kidding, we aren’t even close to being ready for this little guy to show up! LOL!! I don’t think any first-time parent is ever really ready for their little one’s arrival.

Hopefully more photos soon, until then Happy Knitting!! 🙂


One thought on “Whiskers Wednesday

  1. lol That *is* a great picture.

    Be prepared to feel like that, even when they’re starting first grade. lol My mom tells me that the “I’m not quite ready for this!” feeling continues with each new grade, driving, graduation, college, etc.. lol Wait…that’s not helping is it? What I meant to say is that it’s normal. 😉

    When are you due again?

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