6 days to go and counting….

We are still preggers and not doing too badly either! This weekend, especially Saturday was very productive. First – I made the Everything Diaper Bag from Amy Butler’s book, Little Stitches.

Thursday and Friday evenings last week I spent cutting out and ironing on medium-gage Pellon interfacing to all the pieces. Then Saturday, while Caveman did homework I started sewing. At first I couldn’t wrap my mind around the instructions, but once I got started it all started making sense.


  • I did not use the fusible fleece as instructed, only medium-gage interfacing. The cotton duck twill fabric with the medium-gage interfacing are sturdy enough.
  • Added plastic mesh to the center interior divider piece and to the bottom.
  • Divided one side of the pockets into 3 pockets instead of two as instructed. These two skinny pockets can hold bottles quite easily.
  • Added a loop to the interior so I can “hang my keys” easily and they won’t get lost in the bottom!
  • Added the striped accent band at the top  to the exterior piece, so I had room to foldover and stitch the interior and exterior pieces together. I didn’t use interfacing on this piece, but now I really wish I had.
  • Top-stitched on the outside of the bottom pieces of the bag to make them stand up better.

Now I want to make another diaper bag, only smaller this time, but I might use a different pattern though.

Then I made a little head snuggler out of some jersey knit material I found in a reminant bin at Joann’s Fabrics this summer and the left-over pieces of cotton batting I had from Cavebaby’s quilt. This one only took about 30 minutes. Both of these projects cost less than $10 to make, well worth the time and effort I think! 🙂

This post is getting really photo heavy, but I promised photos of the nursery and I can finally deliver.


4 thoughts on “6 days to go and counting….

  1. Wow! I am super impressed by the sewing! Great work! I think you could give me some lessons in exchange for some babysitting (wink wink).

    I love his nursery! The quilt turned out sooo good! I’ve been thinking about you everyday lately and wondering… is cavebaby here yet?


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