Cavebaby Arrived…

2 months ago on September 18, 2009!!! I went into soft labor at noon, it progressed to hard labor at 4:00pm on the dot, then my water broke as we were heading out the door for the birthing center at 5:50. We got in the car at 6 and then arrived at 6:22. With Caveman holding my head and after some intense pushing, at 6:50 Cavebaby was in my arms. Everyone was surprised it went so quickly. He weighted 6lbs 5ozs and was 19 1/2 inches long. Here’s his first photo:

He’s growing like a weed, which is to be expected. He’s such a good baby too. We’ve only had a couple sleepless nights so far and he’s starting to sleep longer at night. He has the cutest swirl on the top of his head and his Daddy’s blue eyes. He gave us his first geniune smile at 4 1/2 weeks, his first chuckle was at 7 weeks. We are so blessed to have him. Here’s a photo of him in the first hat and booties I ever knit from a “Learn to Knit” kit I purchased in 2006.


Here’s a Halloween photo too:

Hope everyone is doing well. We are getting ready for the upcoming holidays which begin this weekend. Until next time…Happy Knitting!


11 thoughts on “Cavebaby Arrived…

  1. He’s the cute-est boy I’ve seen in a long time!!! I love him already:) Can’t wait to see him in person! Thank you so much for the sweater carnigan you made Nora too! LOVE IT!! Your thee best!

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