Silence to end soon…

I’ve had plenty of grand ideas for blog posts recently, but alas notime. 😦 Cavebaby is growing like a weed though! He’ll be 6 months old tomorrow!! It’s hard to believe because it feels like only yesterday we were heading to the birthing center to watch him be born.

February was a very busy month for us, Caveman’s birthday started it off, then there was lots of snow, Valentine’s day was wonderful & now March has roared in like a lion with warmer temps and thunderstorms – Yeah! We are currently all in various stages of a nasty virus/cold. There has been some sewing & knitting (4 hats to be exact & hopefully a pair of socks soon) going on, plus I want to share my adventures in cloth diapering with all of you too. So more blogging soon.

Until next time Happy Knitting & Sewing!!


5 thoughts on “Silence to end soon…

  1. He’s getting so big already!! (I had to laugh a little at your comment about “watching him” be born – you were definitely an active participant, not just an onlooker – give yourself credit!!! LOL.)

  2. I LOVED cloth diapers, did them with both my boys 20 and 25 which was a real oddity then. A baby felt like a baby rather than a grocery sack, lol. Terrific pic…so glad you seem to have some time …..

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