Cloth Diapering Adventures

I have long wanted to post about our choosing to use cloth diapers on Cavebaby!  Before the little guy was born I researched cloth diapering “systems” and thought these were great, but extremely pricey. Being the crafty sort that I am (LOL), I found a great deal on some PUL fabric on eBay (most of which was already pre-cut by another crafty Momma) and began sewing.

**Let me just stop right here and say that this was a joint decision made by Caveman and myself. He has been extremely supportive of this decision from the minute we found out we were preggers. As most new moms know this is huge because everything becomes overwhelming, so a great support system is extremely important. And while I’m at it, let me just also say that Caveman is a great father and a wonderful husband too!! I love you honey!**

Through my research I used a conglomeration of instructions that fit my type of fabric and the notions I had on hand. I really couldn’t find (probably because I didn’t try hard enough) the knit/elasticized binding I had seen used in some tutorials, so I used plain ol’ binding that you can get from JoAnn’s and 1/4″ elastic sewn about 1/2″ to 3/4″ inside the legs, and at the top of the back and front of the cover. Then I added velcro (again just plain ol’ velcro you can pick up from just about anywhere) to the tabs and front panel. As Cavebaby has grown I have removed the velcro and reattached it accordingly, but the integrity of the diaper hasn’t been compromised in any way; something I had feared.

Caveman knew how to use cloth diapers with the big diaper pins and plastic panties and we used that method some while we were making our way through the learning curve of using the home-made diaper covers I had sewn. But everything changed for us after finding this great tutorial, made especially for a little boy!! From then on we used the cloth diaper specially folded with the diaper cover over it and presto-changeo we’re ready to go! She also got us started on diaper liners (link in her post)!! These things are wonderful! They have really helped to cut down on the mess!! 😉

In the beginning, when Cavebaby first came home he was way too small for any of the cloth diapers I had, so we did use disposables until he was about 2 months old, but by that time we were using cloth diapers exclusively at home. I had also wanted to use disposables when we were out somewhere, simply because I thought it was more convenient; but from about 5 months old on, I am proud to say we have been using cloth all the time.  I just keep a plastic grocery bag or two in the diaper bag for the soiled wet diaper and leave the cover out to dry (if it’s wet at all).

There is so much info on the internet that it is overwhelming at first and I had a hard time wading through it all. If you use the cloth diapering kits there is plenty of clear info, but when you want to save a few bucks and go it alone, you really have to do your research and just go though some plain old trial and error. Sure we’ve had a few messes with the cloth diapers, but I’ve actually had more messes with the disposables!

Now to potty train Cavebaby at 10 months! 😉 Until next time (which will hopefully be very soon) have a wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering Adventures

  1. Monica, WOW, you made them yourself?? We started doing cloth when Ellie was 6 weeks old and we LOVE it. I bought everything from A local friend had been cloth diapering her baby for over a year so she had researched everything. Their prices are great and free shipping. We are on vacation now and are using disposables. YUCK. I remember why we wanted to do cloth. We’ve had a few poop and pee leaks in just a few days but never have those problems with the cloth . . .

  2. Awesome that you made the covers yourself! I will have to check out some of your links because we are cloth diapering too 🙂 At least during the day so far. When we go out or overnight we still use disposables, but I feel like at least we are doing some of our part in going green. Knittymunchkin was too small at first for cloth too but he’s big enough now that we’ve started using them. We’re trying out a couple of the “systems” because I just don’t have the time to be crafty right now 😦 So far we’re liking what we’ve tried but will have to buy a few more to stretch out the laundry days. It makes me feel good to be able to use cloth and I agree – a supportive partner is an absolute necessity! I’m glad you have one too 🙂

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