Celebrate the Boy!!!

Celebrate the BOY!!!

A month long celebration of the BOY over at MADE

I’ve been itching to post about this since last year when I discovered the genius that Dana at MADE and Made by Rae cooked up to celebrate the boy! I was only preggers with Cavebaby then and had just discovered he would truly be a boy, I was so excited to see loads of great ideas for little boys. This year I have a teeny-tiny bit of time that I can squeeze out in the evenings and weekends to make my little Caveboy fun stuff. I will apologize now for the lack of pictures with this post, my camera and computer haven’t been playing nice with each other, but I will have pictures to share soon!

So far this month I’ve made the Owl pillow that Ashley designed for the Sewing Republic, I know it isn’t on the list from Dana & Rae, but I’ve been wanting to make one for him forever. I also made a pair of house slippers for Cavebaby, again I made up the pattern from a pair of his leather shoes; but I now want to make a matching pair of pajama pants from Dana’s first Celebrate the Boy post this year! (See it all ties in – 😀 )

There is so much stuff to create for your little guy (or girl); The cutest coat ever!!, pants and more pants, Dragon Slippers, Boy backpacks – I so want to make one of these for Caveboy! and messenger bags, baby blankets, clothing refashioning, play clothes, boy paper dolls, toys on the go, Thrifty finds, Creature Features, charity sewing from the Craft Hope Book, cool places to purchase things for said little man and plenty of giveaways!!

Speaking of giveaways, I’ve entered a lot of them and my persistence finally paid off because I was lucky enough to win!!! Go here to see Katie of Notes From a Very Red Kitchen announce the winners. Cherry Lane Textiles was the very generous sponsor so go on over and check out her great fabric and patterns. Thank you to both ladies for hosting the giveaway, providing the beautiful fabric panel and for choosing me! Caveboy will love a quilt or book, whichever Mommy decides to make!

Hope you all have a great day!!


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