How ’bout a photo?

I recently got to go on a trip to Niagara Falls to give a presentation for my new role as Acting Project Manager. Here’s a photo of me touring an Ontario Power Generation facility…

you can see the mist from Horseshoe Falls in the background. While traveling I finished a book, Liz Curtis Higgs “Here Burns My Candle”. It’s the first of two novels. The second one came out in March, entitled “Mine is the Night”. Now I just need to get it! I have always loved historical christian fiction novels, but Liz’s books are my all-time favorites! I first read her Lowlands of Scotland Series about 4 years ago. Her writing is so descriptive and the characters are so real you feel like you are right there along side them at the dinner table or in the coach or walking over the Scottish hills and braes smelling the lambs and heather.  I highly recommend any and all of her books. And if you’ve read Mine is the Night, please don’t tell me how it ends! 😉

Continuing with the photos theme, I do have actual photos of some things I’ve made recently but can’t ever find the time to upload them when I’m at home. Could be the wild Caveboy running around making messes and wreaking havoc? Maybe so!

I must go for now, but will be back soon – maybe with a how/why/& when I went red. I recently read 2011 is the year of the redhead on a fashion blog, so it seems I’m “in-style” this year for once! I’m definitely having fun trying out new colors with my makeup and clothing.


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