Joining in on Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

Sydney of The Daybook is still moving in to a new place with hubby Tyson & soon-to-be-delivered new baby boy; but she’s normally the host of Awkward & Awesome Thursdays. I’ve always wanted to join in the fun, because let’s face it I’m pretty awkward, but just never took the time to post – until today, so here goes.


  • Not knowing how to spell A.w.k.w.a.r.d.
  • Dribbling coffee on my white skirt
  • Having to give a presentation this afternoon – see above coffee incident
  • Protestors outside of my office – not my decision people!
  • Conversation between Nana & Caveboy this morning:
Nana: “Let’s see if we can sit down here and potty?”
Caveboy: “Awkward!”, said much like a “Valley Girl”
   (Learned from the movie “The Cat & The Hat” staring Mike Myers!!)


  • The week is almost over!!
  • Caveboy is potty training himself this past week!!! OK, so he’s got a little help from Nana & I
  • Caveman is coming home!!
  • I made it through the presentation – alive – LOL, it actually went really well
  • Even though I was supposed to lead the presentation, the client ended up doing so!
  • I actually posted this on Thursday!

One thought on “Joining in on Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

  1. Congratulations for making it through the presentation! For some reason today seems like Friday. I need to think about what my Awkwards and Awesomes are. And what else new is Caveboy doing?

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