A little challenge

I’ve been following a few fashion blogs this past year. Its really helped to get me out of a rut and stay somewhat fashionable as a project manager in a larger office setting. Its also really helped make the transition from a blonde to a redhead much easier. There are some colors that look great on both, but others that will only work with one or the other – but not both.

Freckles in April is hosting a 21 Day Challenge from August 14th through Sept. 4th and I’m going to get my act together and participate. For 21 days Kayla will post a daily outfit prompt. Each Saturday she’ll post the list of prompts for the week so you have some time to prepare. The day before you wear the prompt, she’ll put up a more detailed post with inspiration pictures.

Then, get dressed, take a picture and upload it to the 21 Day Challenge Flickr group and/or blog about it and submit your link to the Freckles in April blog. Cell phone pictures in bathroom mirrors are perfectly acceptable, but you can also get as artsy as you want too.

You can also earn points which will go towards an entry in a drawing toward all kinds of prizes. Visit Freckles in April for more information about the 21 Day Challenge and the amazing sponsors.


One thought on “A little challenge

  1. That sounds like a great idea. But. I’m not dressing for an office any more and I do not miss wearing hose, heels, suits and carrying a brief case full of client files. These days I’m dressing to stand in front of a class as a substitute teacher. Have fun with it.

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