Day 2: Tuck It

Tuesday’s challenge tuck some part of your outfit. I’ve seen the sloppy front tuck look a lot lately and have tried to pull if off a couple of times. So far its just not happenin’. (I nabbed these shots on my way out the door, literally.)

Well for me anyway, but I’ll keep trying though. Maybe my little Cami wasn’t quite long enough for this to work?

I really like Kayla’s look for today’s challenge, so I think I’ll nab one of Caveman’s button-ups and try this sometime.

Sorry the photos are out of focus for the most part, I’m kinda rusty at taking my own photo using a remote and tripod. I’m using my new Light Scoop, it was a great birthday present from my mom (Thank’s Mom!!)!

So far I’m actually having fun creating outfits for this challenge. I’ve been in such a rut lately I didn’t even want to go in there, so this has definitely been a challenge. But now I’m seeing what’s in my closet differently & also seeing what I’m sorely lacking. Time to hit some more thrift stores!!


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