Day 4: Color Blocking

Still lovin’ the 21 Day Challenge over at Freckles in April! There are a few bonuses to this little challenge that I didn’t take into consideration when I signed up. 1: I’m looking pretty stylish for work; 2: I’m actually taking photos & 3: I’ve posted to my poor neglected blog, all three everyday this week! Now on to the challenge…

Today was a little different than our normal rush here, then there, then back here, now over there routine. I got the stay home with Caveboy for half of the day!! He & I love days when we get to hang out with each other during the week. So of course we took advantage of the opportunity with an extra hour of sleep or two, then breakfast accompanied by Thomas (aka Thomas the Train), next we ran the SUV through the car wash (Caveboy loves this!!!), then made a quick grocery run, all this excitement was followed by lunch via Nana!! Before my day got too outta control, I got dressed for the challenge and had my “helper” (who can’t seem to keep his hands off the camera remote) work the remote for the camera, as is evident in a few photos below. 🙂

Purple T – Target; Aqua Linen Shirt – Thrifted; White Capri’s – JCPenny; Sandals – Pay-less

The aqua linen shirt is a tad too big, hence my missing arm. I need to take it in but so far I haven’t made the time yet. To do the refashion I want I will basically need to take most of the shirt apart and then sew back together. I’m thinking a ’60’s style swing jacket!

Up next for Day 5 – belt it!


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