Day 5: Belt It

I’m loving that each day when I go to get dressed, although I’ve been tossing around a few choices for the challenge, I really have no idea what I’m going to wear! Every time I go into the closet to pick something out, I come out with something completely different than I think I’m going to wear when I go in. So cool!

Sorry for the terrible photos today, I’ve got to enlist some help!Dress – Target; Belt – Forever 21, Sandals – Pay-less

I love this dress! I found it at Target last spring and it has seen a lot of wear. It’s very comfortable and isn’t as short as it looks in these photos. It’s a small even though I wear a medium, just another reason to love it huh?

It came with a fabric belt and I’ve worn it that way a lot, but today I wanted to use the fabric belt as a headband and wear the black belt instead. I’m looking forward to remixing this dress later this fall as a jacket, should be so cute.


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