Day 11: Dress or Skirt?

Since I’ve worn a dresses already this week I thought I’d mix it up with a skirt! LOL

Sweater – thrifted * White Cami – JCPenney * Skirt & Sandals – ???

The green sweater is one of the items I picked up yesterday while thrifting. It was brand-new with the tags still on. I’m not exactly sure I like the length so I may shorten it, either way I’m definitely going to sew most of the front placket shut. It gapes open too much and then looks terrible, especially after a day of sitting behind a desk.

Also please excuse the photos, Caveboy stepped in again as my photographer (via remote). When the photo shoot was over, the remote was in his mouth! He is a mess, but I wouldn’t trade him or his daddy for anything in this world!

Tomorrow’s challenge – jeans. This one should be tough, LOL! I’m looking forward to it; glad we can have casual day at work. 😉


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