Day 17: Repair & Wear

I bought this top last week on my thrifting excursion.

Shirt – Thrifted * Pants – JCPenney’s * Shoes – Payless

At the store I thought it was cute, a great green color and I liked the dart details on the front. Got home and tried it on, ugh! It was way too big in the back and was just swallowing me up. So hung it in the closet to mend someday….fast forward to this week. It just so happened that my Mom was over on Tuesday night and could occupy Caveboy! When I went to mend this I realized there was only one set of darts in the back but 3 sets in the front (sorry for the lack of photos on the before), so I set out to duplicate those on the back too.

Because of the unique details on these darts they look really complicated to duplicate, but they are actually really simple. I measured and measured some more, then got to work. Success??I tried it on quickly that night and thought it was loads better, but when I put it on this morning it reminded me of a maternity top. I wore it anyway because it really isn’t that bad, but I will be either adding another set of darts to the front or else taking in the sides. I measured the front vs. the back this evening and realized by taking in the back to match the front, that now the front is about an inch bigger than the back so back to the mending pile it goes! I will get there eventually. I may (& saying may as in, if Caveboy takes an epic nap and Caveman is fishing or something) shorten the hem at some point so it doesn’t look so maternity-ish.Also the skirt I had paired with the shirt originally just wasn’t working, so I opted for these flared khakis instead. The mornings are getting cooler here and it is making me long for fall weather & warmer clothing. Fall is my favorite season.


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