Day 18: Statement Jewelry – Caveboy approved

I’ve never been a huge fan of jewelry so about 6 months ago I went through all my jewelry that I’ve collected over the years and got rid of a bunch that I either hadn’t worn in years or never wore. None of the pieces I’ve ever owned would have been considered statement pieces though.

White Shirt – Old Navy * Sweater – Eddie Bauer Outlet * Skirt – Target * Shoes – Payless

After the purge I only was left with a few broaches, lots of smaller earrings, and three necklaces that I really liked; two of which are pearls and the other is a small turquoise piece. As I was deciding what if anything would work for today, Caveboy was looking with me through my jewelry stash. He knows what necklaces and earrings are and even picked up one of my larger earrings up and put it up to his ear saying, “ear ‘ing”. He is so sweet, but then he saw this broach. “Punkin, punkin!” he said, so I told him thank you for helping me pick out my jewelry today and decided to wear it. I really like the idea of statement jewelry so I’ll have to invest in a few pieces soon. Maybe on my next thrifting excursion. Oh and I’m wearing my remix sweater for the third time today. I’ve really liked remixing this piece, so far I’ve never worn it any of the ways I have for this challenge and today’s outfit will definitely be worn again! Success!! On the hair today, I attempted the hair wrapped around the headband trick last nigh and got decent curls, but it has been so dry they fell out relatively quickly. The last time I tried this I got tight kinky curls that resulted in frizz and my hair up in a bun! I used larger sections this time and the curls were more wavy which was nice. I’ll keep trying this one until I get it right.


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