Day 20: Sunday Shoes on a Saturday?!

One more day and this challenge will be over. I’m sad but also kinda relieved. This has been lots of work to plan outfits, take the photos, then get Caveboy to let me move photos from camera to computer to jump-drive, etc. BUT I’ve also had loads of fun and I’ve seen a few things in my closet in a new and completely different way. I did take photos for this challenge, but they turned out horrid and I will not be posting those on the blog for all to see. But you do get this one instead…

Patent Leather Sandals – Pay-less

These are one of the new pair of sandals Caveman bought for me earlier this summer. I wear them all the time because they are so comfortable. They add just enough oomph to a casual outfit to make it dressy or just make a dressy outfit better!