Recent Thrift Finds

As I’ve said before, I recently rekindled my adventures in thrifting & have been having decent luck.


Take this outfit for example, the sweater & shoes I’ve had forever & a day; but the pants, shirt & belt are all new to me via thrifting! The pants were brand-new from Ross with the tags still on! They are wide-leg and marked a size 8, but by the way I’m swimming in them, I’ll need to take them in a bit. The shirt is a pale yellow although the photos make it look more cream. The belt I love, its a muted lime green and is made by Calvin Klein. You might recognize the sweater from my previous post, yep it’s my recent simple refashion. I really like the way it fits now.


Pants -thrifted (new with Tags still, on from Ross), Shirt - thrifted, Belt - thrifted (CK), shoes - Pay-less, cardi - JCPenney

Please forgive the terrible office lighting & crazy hair, it’s pouring rain out and these were taken with my cell phone during lunch. I’m officially playing along this week, I’m…

Meet Virginia Design


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