Conferenced Out!

I’ve attended 3 conferences over the past month. This last conference was held in Huntsville, AL @ the Space Center. Most of this conference was dedicated to the spring tornadoes that ripped through the area, including the town of Huntsville. These are a couple of really cool photos from inside the center.



I considered showing my outfits, but they were horrible and no one wants to see the horrible hotel bathroom in the background. Moving on…

Thrifting has been prosperous lately.  I’ve acquired some great pieces, so I’ll be back soon with pics of my favorite finds.


2 thoughts on “Conferenced Out!

  1. Hi! You were near me when you went to Huntsville and very close to where I grew up. Did you by any chance go to Greenbrier Barbeque on I-565? My daddy’s farm is where the Target warehouse is! I love Huntsville and the surrounding area. We always say that The Tennessee Valley is God’s Country. Anyway, hope you had a nice trip to Alabama. Wasn’t the Blackbird awesome! It hasn’t been too sunny lately but I love it.

    • I actually didn’t. It was more of a whirlwind trip with lots of sitting and listening to speakers all day. I always enjoy the drive down to Huntsville, so pretty there.

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