Just can’t get over the fact that it’s December already! At least I was able to schedule a couple of photo shoots for Christmas cards in between Thanksgiving Day festivities. Here’s an out-take or two.

He just didn’t want to keep the hat on & the tinsel/ribbons on the tree were fair game for this bulldozer!

I completely meant to do a Thanksgiving post, but I was just too busy traveling and hanging out with my boys! I am blessed beyond measure though, I am so thankful for my wonderful loving Caveman. He loves his family fiercely and takes such good care of Caveboy and myself! He has sacrificed so much over the past few months that I just wanted to publicly say, “Thank you Honey, we love you!”.

I am also blessed with a wonderfully rambunctious, loving, giving, and absolutely hilarious 2-year-old (as seen above!). He jokes all the time, much like his Daddy in a very serious tone so that you really have to stop and wonder if he’s serious or not. Then, while you’re figuring it out he just busts out laughing! He loves his family fiercely too. We all get great squeezes and hugs all the time. And Yes, I’m/We are eating it up! For fun last weekend I had Caveboy make a “Turkey” from his hand-print. He thought it was great and wanted to do it again and again! I also made play-dough for him – I need a better recipe that’s all I’m sayin’!

I am truly blessed and thankful for all that I have. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last weekend and all your Christmas shopping is done! I’m not quite there yet. 😛

Today I’m linking up with Sweet Shot Day.


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