It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas!!! Caveman & I both hate surprises, just another reason we’re made for each other! We’ve always just picked out our own Christmas presents, except when we were dating. That Christmas I put a lot of thought into what I should get him, what he might need and what he might like. He had over three remotes to various electronics, each of which moved around the room depending on where he was, so he was constantly loosing them. I thought it would be great to create a place for them and got him a remote caddy. He liked the idea but not the practice. It was finally sold in a yard-sale a couple of years ago, LOL! So we stick with the “picking out your own Christmas gifts” in this house. At this point Caveman would be asking me if I had a point to this story, as I’m sure all of you are too. Of course I have a point, I always do it just sometimes gets lost!!

My Christmas gift this year! I’ve been wanting this baby for a while now, it was on sale through Amazon Adorama Camera and so Caveman said “Merry Christmas, honey!”!! I’ve read the reviews between this one and the f/1.4 and while I’d love to have the f/1.4 (read too pricey for this cheapo), for now I’ll just use this one. Someday I can always sell (or keep) the f/1.8 and upgrade to the f/1.4 lens, you know when I win the Lottery!!

Now I gotta figure out what Caveman would like for Christmas!!I know what Caveboy wants, anything to do with trains, construction equipment or Thomas the Train. I’ll be back tomorrow with photos of our house decorated for Christmas.

ETA: I was in no way compensated from Amazon or Adorama Camera for this post (I wish!), I just love sharing a good deal. Your welcome ;P


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