More Christmas craftyness

In addition to the pillows that I intend to use through the winter, I have a small vine wreath that, up until this month, has had fake $1 fall sprigs of flowers, pine cones, fake pumpkins and such stuck on it. Last month while shopping with my Mom, I found a couple spools of Christmas ribbon at Target for again, a buck each! I thought it would be cut to wrap the wreath with the ribbon and then create some fabric flowers to attach to it. To my surprise when I unwrapped the ribbon from the spool there was just enough glue on each end to keep it tacked to the spool and that meant there was just enough to attach it to the vine wreath too – bonus!

This sad little wreath has sat for over a week with only the ribbons while I made the fabric flowers.

Here are the flowers before going on the wreath…I used an assortment of fabrics, from red slinky knit scraps to different colored polar fleece scraps. I’ve found that the best way to use up long fabric scraps is to make fabric flowers. I didn’t really want to hot glue the flowers to the wreath so instead I used 3 large safety pins to attach the flowers and you’d never know unless you took it down and looked at it. Now I can remove all the ribbons and flower to store away for next year and start over fresh in the spring!

I really like it! It brightens up our drab front door/foyer area with the right amount of Christmas-eness.

On a side note, I just wanted to share I received my Christmas present on Saturday. It wasn’t scheduled to arrive until this Tuesday at the earliest. Adorama not only has Free Shipping this holiday season but fast shipping too! I just wanted to pass along a good deal I found this holiday season from Adorama Camera!


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