Sparkles: EBEW

I’ve been following the happenings over at EveryBody, EveryWear for a while now, but today I’m actually linking up!


Earrings - rhinestone snowflakes; Cardigan - Sears; Tank top - Kohl's

This tank top is sadly is the only sparkly thing in my closet! I bought it for a holiday party 10 years ago and wore it exactly one time.  Every time I wear it glitter gets everywhere, and it itches. Oh and it’s too big. So naturally I thought it would be perfect for today’s challenge. I am loving the sequin tops, skirts, accents and accessories this season I just haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet.


Again forgive the terrible office photos. I’m positive everyone here thinks I’m crazy! AND I tried on 3 pairs of pants including jeans before I settled on these. Still not completely sold, but they work for the office!


5 thoughts on “Sparkles: EBEW

    • Thank you!! I’m hoping to put the final touches on my “going red” post soon. Maybe by the end of the year…

      I was looking at the shirt more last night and I think if I just took it in by an inch or so that would help a lot. Maybe I could add some ribbon to help with the itchiness factor too.

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