A Fashion Challenge: Winter Edition

Freckles in April

Freckles in April is at it again, she will be hosting another fashion challenge this winter only this time it will only last for 10 days (with some off days thrown in too). Please visit the link for all the details.

I can’t wait! I loved participating in the last challenge so much, but I sometimes struggle with my winter wardrobe.  I have pulled off a few good ones so far this year with my new-found fashion knowledge, but there’s always room for improvement. So today I’ll show you what I wore to a manager’s training class yesterday. I’m so proud because almost the entire outfit was thrifted: wool skirt came from Goodwill 2 winters ago and the sweater & scarf came from Thrift Store for the Blind this past summer. I think these three pieces cost me about $5 total and I got complements on this outfit!

Wool Skirt, Sweater & Scarf: Thrifted; Boots: Easy Spirit, Tights: Target

I tried out the sock curls for this meeting and I have to say even with blowing rain and then snow I still had curls at the end of the day instead of frizz!!! I’ll take it! Also I’m still not 100% sure about wearing this scarf. Rectangle scarves are easier, but squares???

Note: Please ignore the crazy hair, bad lighting and weird wires! I actually cleaned these up some. Happy Friday 13th!! There will be two more this year & it’s leap year, so watch out!!  LOL


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