Winter Challenge: Layers & Monochrome

With everything going on these days behind the scenes in my little world I almost forgot about the Winter Fashion Challenge happening this week (follow the link for the details) ! Since I’m late to the party (typical!) I’m combining my look to encompass both days.

First Day of the Challenge: Layers! It just so happens these days I’m all about layers! The weather here has been crazy like it has in many other parts of the US, barely in the 30’s one day and the next 60 degrees!! Yesterday started out at 52 degrees with pouring rain, although it had cleared up by the afternoon; but this morning it was 32 degrees with an expected high of 57, so layers really are a girls best friend these days!

And day two: Monochrome!

I tried the monochrome look during the 21 Day Challenge this summer using all brown. I really wasn’t impressed with the result, but this time I really think I pulled it off!

Sweater, Pants, Scarf & Trench: Thrifted!!!; Shirt: Target; Penny Loafers: Eddie Bauer; Pearl earrings: gift

I’ve never owned cream/winter white pants before but I love these! I found them this summer for a buck along with a pink pair (also a buck that I have yet to wear!). The sweater was a recent find too and I love it, although you can’t tell it in these photos it has a shawl collar. The trench, oh the trench; there’s a post coming on the trench! I found it last week and I’ve worn it just about every day since to work! It’s perfect in rain too!! I guess the only think that doesn’t match but still goes is the penny loafers, but even my socks match!